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Pearl Harbor Day

We will never know the horrors that those men and women faced on that fateful Sunday in Honolulu. But is is truly wonderful that such amazing people came out of such a horrific event. Here is just …

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30 True Things You Need to Know Now – StumbleUpon



If the map doesn’t agree with the ground, the map is wrong. We are given mental maps as children. Our parents and other adults tell us what is right and what is wrong – sometimes they don’t always get it, well, right. Now as adults, when we find the maps we have relied on for so long can get us lost, we need to recalibrate and create more reliable guides based on what we now know to be true and where we want to go.

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October is Aviation Appreciation Month in Oregon — Oregon Aviation Historical Society

On August 22, 2013, Gov. Kitzhaber proclaimed October to be Aviation Appreciation Month in Oregon. So go visit an aviation museum, get a ride in an airplane, or go to your local library to learn about the role that Oregon has played in aviation history. You can view the proclamation here:

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Visit to the Oregon Aviation Museum







Photo display


Happy 4th!


Flags are fine but go easy on the fireworks!

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks.

This is a great site to see if you are trying to find your way into Internet publishing. After you have your website in place you may want to make it more exciting, readable and ‘write-to-able’ so posting can be done frequently without much effort to you.


Symphony of Science – Scientists become rock stars // A project by melodysheep

Symphony of Science – Scientists become rock stars // A project by melodysheep.



Why Google killed off Google Reader: It was self-defense

I’ve been a fan and user of Google Reader since its start. And while I’ve tried a dozen or more other RSS readers, I wound up returning to Google’s. This is sad.


It’s not a huge surprise that Google is dropping Google Reader, the blog reader it operated since 2005. After all, they’d let it go for some time now (not that I’m complaining – it was after all, a free service, a fine product, and a boon for the overall ecosystem of blogging, podcasts and RSS).

The reality, though, is that Google operates at vast scale, and a niche consumer product like Reader just doesn’t move the needle. As crazy as it may sound, today even a billion-dollar business is simply a distraction to Google (unless, of course, it’s well on the way to becoming a five-billion-dollar business).

So all those who are signing petitions to Google  (and even one to The White House!) are missing the bigger point: that this is a victim of the company’s DNA, one that’s accelerated under Larry Page’s management. Some companies specialize…

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